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360 Degree Virtual Tours Allow Potential Buyers to Immerse Themselves in the Property

Real estate business's have been using UAV technology in recent years to provide a brand new perspective for their clients. Property buyers can now see a site in greater detail without setting foot on grounds and with out expensive manned aircraft photography flights. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles's (UAVs) have made it possible to capture and relay important attributes (such as topography or structure(s) that extends beyond ground visual range) that a real estate agent may want to convey to clients. However, Space Analysis's services extend beyond a nice picture of property. We can help real estate business's to asses potential acquirement’s. We do this through accurate gathering of 3D data and terrain modeling to help understand the characteristics and value of the land and/or infrastructure on it. Currently, UAV's are the most favored way of gathering this information fast and accurately.

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